BBC Training For This Cunt!

Submissive sexMaster said the best way to learn how to be a slave for cock is by training with a BBC. He said they usually have some of the biggest cocks. Therefore, it will help me and all the other slave girls learn how to fuck without needing a break. Men don’t like breaks; they want to keep fucking until they are satisfied. That does not always mean just making a man cum once. Most times they want to cum more than once and sometimes they just want to use a whore for fun even if they don’t want to cum again. 

You are designed to take cock and objects in your holes whenever and however a man sees fit. So if you are properly trained to get fucked and stretched out than you won’t need a break, etc. James is the best to practice this with because he has a huge black cock and loves to fuck for quite a long time too. I took his cock inside me for like 2 hours and was so sore. It was so much fun though because it taught me how to take lots of cock at once and different objects. My master was so proud of my accomplishments. 

How about you baby? What is your favorite way to teach a cunt how to stretch her holes for you? I bet you want to watch a pretty white whore like get broken open by a big fat black cock. So call me and tell me how nasty you want me to be for you. Tell me how much you want me to take a BBC for you so I am a well trained little hole. I promise to be a good cunt for you; I will never say no daddy!

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