Be My Master

Submissive sex VanessaI need you to take control. Be the boss and give me commands. I’ll always obey, because I’m the slave and you’re my master. You say jump and I say how high. I belong to you, like a piece of property. Tell me to drop to my knees and suck your cock, I’ll do it anytime and anywhere. Show off in front of your friends, let them see how much control of me you have. I’ll suck their cocks, just give me permission. I want to make you make happy. All I want is to be fucked hard and brutally. Fuck me like you hate me. Put your cock in throat and fuck my face. Use and abuse me. I love pain with my pleasure. I’m wired wrong, it’s not good if pain isn’t involved. Put me over your lap, spank my bare bottom red and watch me cum so hard that I squirt everywhere. Be my master.

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