Abducted and Tortured

bondage phone sex

Some people chose the bondage phone sex life and others are forced into it. I was never given a choice. It certainly wasn’t a lifestyle that I chose, but one that I’ve come to accept. I miss my family and If I ever want to see them again, I must comply with my Master’s wishes.

I always thought human trafficking or flesh peddling was a joke. Just an excuse to account for the runaways. But now that I am personally living this nightmare, I finally understand the evil truth.

There’s a party tonight. High society in the bondage kingdom and I know Master plans to take me. It reminds me of the Kennel Club show where the dog gets named best in show. He’ll dress me all up and flaunt his property. I will be expected to tend to the needs of anyone who asks. Basically, I get to be a punching bag and fuck doll to any man who wishes to inflict pain upon me. I’m a good little poochie though. I’ll be the perfect slave. Tonight I will still be forced to listen to the tortured screams of the others who failed to please the Masters. For some it will be the End. For others the torment just goes on forever.

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