Cum on your face? Don’t mind if I do

bukkake phone sex

Master brought some of friends over the other night for a bukkake phone sex party. He spent most of the night showing his friends what a good whore I am by sucking all of their cocks and playing with their balls. We then moved to me being restrained to the bed and master and his friends taking turns licking and sucking on my pussy but I wasn’t allowed to cum. Talk about torture!! Every guy there had a different technique and all felt amazing. Master then moved everyone away and he proceeded to use the flogger on my tits and pussy and he allowed anyone feeling brave to try as well. The time was getting late and so the conclusion of the party began. He had everyone gather around me, either on the floor or on the bed just so their cocks were pointing at me and they grabbed their cocks and started to masturbate as quick as they could. In a short time I was covered in cum all over my face, tits and torso. Master saw his friends out and then took my restraints off. I wasn’t allowed to clean up all the cum until the next morning as master wanted me to marinade in all that sperm. I can’t wait for masters next party. 

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