I was the teacher but she didn’t care

submissive whoreI was a substitute teacher last week and things were going well except for this one girl that wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. I sent her to the office, gave her detention, nothing worked! She was so mean and disrespectful no matter what I did and I was just lost. Well, during detention she refused to do her work so I tried to get firm with her and force her to do it but as a submissive whore I just can’t project that aura of authority like some people can and I think she could sense that. She snapped and shoved me back and the next thing I knew she had rope and was tying me up! I know I should have tried harder to maintain control over the situation but how could I do that when my pussy was dripping wet from her rough treatment? She humiliated me, ripping my shirt open and slapping my tits until they were red and so sore. My nipples were rock hard and my panties were soaked when the principal walked in and saw us. He didn’t say a word tho he just looked at me all half naked and tied up and his cock got rock hard. He bent me over the desk and fucked the shit out of me and forced me to lick my student’s pussy and in the end, he said that they would be using me whenever they wanted and that I had better give that bad girl an A in class too! I’ve never been so humiliated and turned on at the same time!

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