Dominant Female Takes Revenge

Well, today was a fantastically eventful one. I was invited to a private party by a girl I’d only met once or twice so far. Well, when I got there, there were only 2 girls present. I thought maybe the guys would be along presently, and the girls certainly made it seem that was the case. They said that the guys had asked them to bind me up and get me ready for them.Submissive slut

As soon as they had me properly bound, the girl I had never seen before smacked me hard across the face. She informed me that one of the guys I’d been having relations with at the parties was her significant other, and I hadn’t gotten her permission to sub for him. She and her friend proceeded to cut my clothes off of me, shove overly large dildos into both my holes, and smack me around a bit more. Then, she made me apologize and beg for mercy. At the end of it all, she and her friend let bygones be bygones, and in came the guy in question. They each had their way with me. I think I have more fun times ahead of me. 😀

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