Revenge & Punishment

slave training

I have NOT been getting any sleep. You see, my FRESH babygirl just HAS to wake up and eat every 2 hours! It is very frustrating to not get a second to myself or relax so I am taking this chance to get some revenge on her tiny body. She deserves this type of punishment just like her older sisters. I work to instill respect in them from the day they enter this world. They need to learn their place just like I did as my army of submissive whores. They will learn from punishment and my own personal sweet revenge! That’s why I invited my neighbor over, he’s been dying to see my new precious angel. Too bad she’s so bad that she has to be treated like the deserving little whore she is! I couldn’t wait to see the blood flowing in between those chunky, tiny smooth legs.  Soon that’s exactly what she got…the pain and punishment of her first training session as a submissive whore.

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