Dreaming OF Ivy

2 girl phone sex Ivy

I’ve been reading up on some other websites and my all-time favorite is snuffphonesex.com. The girls there are HARDCORE, more so compared to me. What really threw me for a loop was the number of dominant and dead sexy females on this website.

My personal favorite is Ivy, now THAT is one twisted bitch! I could easily imagine my worthless self on my knees in front of the terrifying Goddess, ready to take whatever she sees fit to give me. I could beg like the pathetic whore that I am just for a scrap of her time, screaming for attention both positive, but mostly negative. I could provoke her into punishing me, eager to feel those perfectly manicured fingernails dig into my flesh as she twists and rips my skin.

BDSM phone sex Ivy

My pussy is dripping wet, just imagining what she could do to me, her perfect stilettos kicking and stomping my useless flesh, breaking bones and bruising organs. Her perfect hands slapping and punching my pretty face, my blonde hair being pulled and yanked as I’m dragged across the floor to a table filled with instruments of torture.

erotic submissive stories

Knives dragged across pale skin, spilling blood in delicate trails, digging down into muscle and hitting bone. The lovely Death enjoys the liberties she takes with my body as she carves and chisels my body into a more pleasing form covered in blood and viscera. I’ll writhe and moan as the blade dances across my left nipple, the pain such a rush. I’d cum so hard as the Goddess slowly chokes the life out of me. Can’t wait to talk to the ladies at snuffphonesex.com and make my punishment dreams cum true!

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