Prostate Milking Lessons

prostate milking RobynHe put a pair of cute little black panties on me and a cute little lack laced bra. My black collar with it’s silver spikes locked firmly around my neck, Nipple clamps on and tightened all the way down. Ball gag is in place and leather cuffs locked on my wrists and ankles. Master has a lesson set up for me and I have to be shackled and paying close attention. It seems master has discovered the pleasure of prostate massage and I learn from the best what prostate milking is all about. Of course I can’t be free to speak or move while being taught, thus the shackle and ball gag. My confining state will insure that I am paying close attention and that I don’t miss any of the lesson before me. As soon as she is done showing me I will have a demonstrative quiz to insure that I learned well. If I don’t pass I know that I will be punished so I must pay close attention.

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