Erotic submissive stories With Robyn

Erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories of a mature submissive.
There was a time that I didn’t believe in fate. That was until he took control of my body. The heater had been out for days. I found the cheapest HAVOC Tech I could. He was older and a smidge rough around the edges. A true silver fox with a bad boy vibe arrived and I showed him our issues and He went to work. I would bring him coffee and chat. There might have been some flirting, but Its my nature!

Advances were made but I was scared my Domme would beat me. Plus I enjoy being flirtatious and teasing at times. Like most woman. And I’m all woman! All I knew was my husband gave me a budget and I needed to keep some for my Xmas shopping for the babes. He fixed us up and finally the house was warm again. After that I thought nothing of it.

Bare bottom spankings were included in my home invasion

Until I was alone and relaxing to some nasty erotica. I feel asleep after a good fucking with my toy. I didn’t hear this man come in the house. He has bypassed my alarm. And By the time i woke up he was standing over me! I screamed but he was quick and strong. Ties to the bedpost and gagged I was at his mercy. He picked up my book and read a couple of lines to me. “ And he tore off my clothes with his savage cock bouncing with hardness..” he laughed and called me a dirty submissive whore!

Then my own sex toy was used forcefully on me until I came against my will. He worked me over choking me with his cock as he sat on my chest. Roughly excavating my ass hole and using my pussy like his personal playground! The kicker? He left me like that for my son and daughters to find!

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