Fuck Doll Tracy

Submissive Whore

“Oh, yeah, Tracy? Tracy with the fat ass? No, haven’t seen her.” That nasty little fucker was such a liar! I had been forcibly stripped down until I wa shivering the fuck naked, shoved thoughtlessly in the trunk of his car like the worthless piece of fuck meat I am, tied up like a Christmas ham so that I couldn’t escape, and wetter than the Atlantic Ocean during rainy season. MY pussy was fucking soaked, even though I was in the last few moments of my life and I knew it. My assailant was lying his cock off to the cops, knowing full well he’d taken me captive to be his new little fuck doll. He had picked me up from work, boosting me a ride to the company meeting. That had been a week ago. Three days ago, someone had finally bothered to file a missing persons.

They weren’t going to find me, however. I knew i was his new little fuck slave. The very thought had my cunt dripping. I heard the officer drive off as my captor got in his car and drove us out into the desert. The vultures would eat well in a few days.

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