Fun With Phyllis

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I get called up to do another party, this time with other submissives, and the host is nice enough to allow us some time to speak to each other before the festivities begin. Her name is Phyllis and I think we’re gonna be good friends. She’s a sweet, southern girl, just the type that Masters love to play with. With her blond hair and those gravity defying titties, perfect for rope bondage, the Masters are gonna eat her up. She’s not nervous at all about the party, and she can’t help but attract some much deserved hate from the other submissives but us blonds gotta stick together.

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The Masters have us crawl into the dining room, they want us to put on a little show for them. We partner up, I make sure to grab Phyllis, and we start by kissing, battling for dominance with our tongues. I win, and move from her mouth to those supple titties, wrapping my lips against those luscious nipples. Licking and sucking, tracing with my tongue each pert peak, I kiss and nibble my way further south to her pink folds. I bite and suck her perfect pussy lips, wriggling my tongue deep into her folds and tasting her sweet honey hole.

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I sit up and spank her pussy a few times, I can tell how much she likes this even as she writhes around on the ground. I alternate between spanking her pussy and rubbing her clit. My cunt is getting so wet just watching her roll around on the ground, gasping and moaning. I reach up and pinch her nipples when the Masters want us to submit to them. Bare bottom spankings, paddles, whips and chains, but my favorite part of the evening was my time with Phyllis.

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