God, it feels so good to be bad!

I’m bend over this table arms chained to the legs so I cannot stand up and you are ramming me hard and fast from behind. I try to squeal as I take every inch of your rock-hard cock, but you are choking me and me screams sound like muffled moans. God, I love when you punish me master!

I know that I should always me on my knees ready to suck your rock-hard cock as soon as you walk in, but today I was feeling daring. I wanted you to punish me and force fuck me for the blatant disrespect and punishing me you are! My ass is slamming back on you as you force yourself in fucking me like a jack hammer. You are drilling away at this tight pink pussy, and I love the speed and force. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I manage to choke out as I squirt all over that massive cock.

Extreme bondage“Yeah, slut take this alpha dick! You know you are only good for fucking and sucking! Not shut the fuck up and take all of this dick” You roar, and you pound me harder demanding more.  I am nothing but a dirty little pain whore! Use me baby! This pretty pink push is yours to demolish! Pond me out and show me that I’m yours! Your cum dumpster! Your fuck toy! master I know I’m not worth but thank you for stretching me out and allowing your pussy to cum!

You walk around the table and pull me forward so my head is hanging over the edge. You force that dirty cock deep down my throat and I gag as you force fuck my face hard. “You like to clean daddy’s dick don’t you you little slut? You like the taste of your cunt dripping down this massive cock don’t you whore?! You hiss as tears run down my face! God, it feels so good to be bad!

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    • Dody on July 3, 2022 at 8:27 pm
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    I wish you would have a chat with my wife and tell her how much you love being a submissive whore.

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