Got A Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Cock worshiping

Master gave me a nice stuffing for Thanksgiving. I walked in with nothing but a coat on just as he ordered. He was there with two his best friends’, he signaled for me to come to him. I took my coat off and kneeled in front of him. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it deep down my throat like he likes. I was doing it just how he likes I didn’t notice his friend’s cock were coming towards my holes. I felt a hard dick shoved deep in me and start pounding me. Master told me to sit on his dick so I did and then his friend resumed fucking me but he had shoved his cock in my ass. His friend who had only been watching rubbed his cock on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and let him drip his precum on it. He then grabbed my head and pounded my mouth as my others holes were getting fucked. I was getting stuffed and filled with cum. When they were done filling me up master told me to get cleaned up and get my leash on that we were going for a walk. 

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