Got My Fuck Box Used!

Submissive whore I was a lucky whore this morning and got my pussy fucked this time! My master woke me up with his hard shaft in my face and told me to get to work. We did a 20 minute throat training session and I took that meat all the way down my cock hole. I gagged, choked and drooled all over while he used my face. I was a dripping fucking mess in all my holes and I took that face pounding so good!

He was so proud of me that he told me he would reward me by fucking my wet gash before my ass hole. He rarely fucks my pussy because he says a whore should stay edged and needy. Fucking my cunt hole too much will confuse me and make me think I deserve it all the time. My cunt hole is only there to torture, look pretty and to be fucked ONLY when master wants too. Your main holes as a slave is your mouth and ass hole. 

So I was so excited and grateful when he threw me on my back, put my legs back and slid his cock in my wet little box. Another good thing about keeping your cunt untouched as much as possible is that it gets trained to stay pretty tight. My master makes me do kegels a lot when he pounds my shit hole or shoves toys in me. It is really a great mechanism to keep your holes up to par. It is a prize possession to have a tight wet fuck box; otherwise you will only have 2 holes that are worth fucking and your owner could find a better fuck slave. 

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