Hard Core Anal Sex As Punishment

Submissive sex

I am my bosses personal assistant in every sense of the way. I knew from the moment I woke up this morning and realized my alarm had not gone off that you would be upset with me. It was a little after 10am before I arrived at the office and you were not in a good mood at all. You had not had your morning coffee or deepthroat blowjob that you have come to expect from me. I immediately tried to apologize but you were not interested in hearing it. You yanked me by my long blonde hair and whispered into my ear that you had been too lineate with me lately but that was about to change. You told me I was going to get my first lesson in hard core anal sex as punishment and you were pretty sure that when you finished fucking my ass raw that I would never be late again. You shoved me down over your desk and you ripped off my panties. You gave my ass six hard swats with your hand. Then you had me lay down on my back. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight puckered ass without even a drop of lube. I started to cry and you told me that my tears only gave your more satisfaction. You continued to plow your dry cock into my tight throbbing ass. Tears were steaming down my face as you blew your load of hot salty cum into my fucked raw ass.

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