He Punishes Me

submissive whoreWhen I make him mad, he does a little thing called “open house.” He rents an Airbnb and puts out a memo on his master sites. They read something to the effect that there will be an open house today and to come by and have a look, check it out and get a feel. Then he takes me to the address and dresses me in hot latex and leaves me bound on the floor. He leaves hit box of toys beside me too. Whips, clamps, paddles, dildos, and electrodes. Then he blindfolds me and leaves so he can watch. His friends are evil horny men, and they waste no time showing up. Hitting and punching me and beating my ass until it is red and bruised. Spreading my legs and ramming their cocks in dry. Sometimes two at a time inside of me. Jerking off on my face and chest before caning my nipples. He will sometimes let this go on for hours or even days if he is pissed enough. Leaving my holes full of cum and raw is how he likes me. If you walked in and found me bound, what would you do to me?

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