Hostess With The Mostest (cum)

Bondage S&M

I’ve been craving an extreme round of bondage S&M lately so I set up a fun little shindig where all of the guests had to treat me like a degraded slave whore all night long.  It was the perfect party packed with just the right amount of perverts.  Everything went exactly as I planned, the night was absolutely perfect!

I’m a great hostess, I made sure that everyone had their own flogging implement and enough alcohol to drink some and throw the rest in my gasping face as I laid hogtied and helpless on the floor.  I got kicked and stomped a little then pissed on for what seemed like hours before the lot of them picked me up and threw me on the table.

   They were so loud and all of their words seemed to jumble together as they all screeched and pawed at my flesh.  I could make out the random “Hold her down!” and “Whip that bitch!” as they pummeled me with their prods and lashes. The cat of nine tails sent me over the edge, making me cum in an agonizing orgasm as it tore at my skin.

They waited until I was completely spent and in real pain before any of them started fucking me.  I pleased every party patron in the place in the position of their choosing until I was left bound in a pool of frothy jizz, piss and squirt juice.  I really do throw the best parties.




    • Randy on February 11, 2022 at 8:10 am
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    Love your stories and pics baby girl!

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