Hot piece of ass

bare bottom spankings

You came over last night with the intention of some fucking and sucking but I was being rude and so you needed to hand down some bare bottom spankings instead. I realized way too late what I had done wrong when you pulled me over your lap and grabbed my hands. You then used the other hand to pull up my skirt and pull my panties down. You wasted no time in turning my pretty ass a bright shade of red. Each smack feeling worse as you whaled on my petite posterior. I felt my eyes well up with tears somewhere around the tenth skin slap. I knew that I had deserved this punishment and tried not to squirm too much. I was crying so hard that the shaking was moving my body around too much and I ended up with a few handprints on my thighs as well. I hurt so badly when you finally let me up that I knew sitting tomorrow would be almost impossible. You asked if I had learned my lesson and I replied quickly with “yes sir!” You grinned at me rather evilly and said that you have decided to fuck my ass tonight. My eyes widened at the thought and the pain that would come with it and knew that I was not in any shape to fight you off. I was in tears again as you shoved your now lubed cock into my rear end and slapped your hips into my sore cheeks. You fucked me hard and fast until I felt your last thrust as you emptied your balls into my bowels. You gave me a kiss and then went home, I tried to soak in the tub but I was too raw to sit for long. I climbed out and dried off knowing that it was my own fault. Off to bed I went knowing that I was in for a long, uncomfortable sleepless night but I sure learned my lesson.

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