how to spank a woman

Slave training

I have very strict rules to live my life by. My master wants me dressed in very reveling clothes, full make up and hair done every single day. Our stupid fucktard paper boy came to collect money, I was taking one of my days off. My master doesn’t know that I don’t always dress up but the fucking paper boy mentioned something to him about how sick I looked. When master came home he was oddly quiet. I was waiting for him, but he just walked past me. I followed him down to the basement. In a very cold tone he told me to take everything off but my 5 inch heels. He pulled out his wooden triangle sawhorse table and told me to straddle the table. He raised the legs so high that the sharp unsealed edge of the table was split in-between my pussy lips. He attached my arms to the cuffs hanging down and put a spreader bar on my ankles.

how to spank a woman

He pulled each of my heels off and I was standing on the very tips of my toes supporting my uneven body weight on the table. He walked behind me and opened the door. In walked in the pimpled face fucktard paper boy with a smile on his face. My master handed him a whip and told me the rules. I had to answer his questions honestly as he taught the paper boy how to spank a woman. “Did you pay the paper boy his fee this month.” I responded with a head nod, the paper boy whipped me. I screamed out a “YES MASTER!” He laughed to himself as the boy was itching to whip me again. “When you paid the paper boy, where you wearing your permitted outfit, dressed sexy all of the things you are supposed to do?” I put my head down, my legs where burning from holding all of my weight, I quietly said no. The crack of the whip hit me so hard I crumbled. My thighs were burning and I slammed my pussy onto the sharp wooden edge of the table. “For now on the paper boy get’s to use you in ANY way he see’s fit.” He grabbed a chair and watched that pimple faced prick as he said ” spank her bottom” He whipped me then throat fuck me till he blew his load all over my face. 

spank her bottom

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