Tied and Waiting

submissive phone sex

Standing there tied to a pole and gagged, I could only wait for what was to come next. Two masked men came in and cut my new dress off with long scissors then took the gag out of my mouth. Naked in front of them, their eyes bore down on me through the masks.

They left the room and when they returned they were naked and carrying a whip, more rope, and several vibrators. Wanting to be a good girl for them, I got down on my knees and waited. One of the masked men came over and whipped me, while the other stood in front of me with his huge cock in my face. They were going to whip me until I begged them to put his cock in my mouth. I begged, I pleaded like a good little submissive whore. When he finally began to face fuck me, the other one fucked my ass while holding a vibrator to my pussy.

This is the kind of torture that I like.

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