Hurt me with your slave training

Slave training“Ow! Oh fuck!” The slap of my titties bouncing against each-other after his palm landed firmly to the side was enough to scramble my expression and wet my loins for his effective slave training. I’m a glutton for a little agony every once in a while, and that means when a man gets in his head that I’m a toy to be played with I respect him more if he’s willing to hurt me. I cried out his name, I cried a little in general, and my titties shined a little red. My breaths were heavy, while I moaned and twitched. He had created a rhythm for me, one that had my body in sync with my heart beat. “Harder~” I gasped, begging him to give me all of his passion in a way that I couldn’t ever forget. “Make me bleed.” A lot of men are into a woman who knows her place, I’m one of them, and I get a lot of appreciation. There’s nothing better than a woman that you can smack, hit, abuse and torture, who’ll beg for more with a teary smile and a dripping cunt. “Cum.” I heard him order, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving in and giving him the treat he requested.

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