I Need You to Punish My Bare Ass, Daddy!

Bare bottom spankingsI need you to spank my ass until it’s red. You own my ass, Daddy. I need to be punished because I’ve been a very bad girl. I looked on your computer and saw all of your dirty porn history. I couldn’t resist watching some of them, getting off to those kinky videos and dripping cum on your office chair. You smelled my cum on your chair and knew that I had to be responsible. Now, I’m ready to take my punishment. Spank my bare ass, please! Make me your good girl again. Only your discipline can guide me to be a better slut for you. My pussy belongs to you. My ass belongs to you. I shouldn’t touch myself or watch porn without your permission, Daddy. I shouldn’t leave cum soaking on the office chair that you could have licked up off of me. I know I can take the punishment. You can go for hours and I’ll remain on your lap until I pass out.

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