In Trouble

bare bottom spankingsI was laying down touching my pretty pink pussy rubbing my little clit trying to make myself cum before master finds me. Just when I bring myself close enough and am almost squirting the door swings open and master walks in furious. I sit up and watch as master walks toward me, grabs my wrist, and pulled me up. I immediately knew what was going to happen and my pussy got even more wet which was going to make him even more mad. Master knows I love spankings. I love the way he only spanks my bare ass and if I’ve been a really bad girl, he smacks my pussy too. Daddy bends me over his lap and asks if I’ve been a bad girl. I told him I have, and he gave me a hard smack on my ass he asked if I was wet right now and I lied and told him no so he took his finger and shoved it deep inside of me. I moaned loud which earned me a slap across the face. Daddy took his finger out of me and shoved it in my mouth and asked if I was wet again. I said yes and daddy said that earned me 10 spankings for lying. But daddy wasn’t done there.

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    • Barry on June 3, 2022 at 10:22 am
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    Spankings are for good and bad girls.

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