Bondage whoreYou promised to start training my ass with a butt plug, and I can’t wait! I had never heard about most BDSM things until after my marriage ended. It was such a vanilla boring relationship, especially in bed. I had to wear the pants in the relationship and I was miserable. So when I met you, Daddy, and you took control, I had never felt so liberated. You tied me up tight, bruised my tits real good teasing and slapping them. Flogged me, slapping the leather thin strips on my cunt. You spanked me harder than I have ever been spanked before. It’s so kinky and fun and new every time we play together, Daddy. You’re going to teach me so many things, Daddy. I can’t wait to learn so many more kinky things from you daddy and be your cock worshiping submissive whore!

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