little piggy slave!

bondage whore


This little piggy went hunting for a new submissive play toy for master! I got this bitch off of the street when she was walking home from school just like how master taught me I did so good maybe he will let me eat tonight! I drugged her up and bathed her and made sure her tight little kitty was shaved just how he likes I even shoved my tongue into her cunt and lapped up her juices making sure she was soaking wet like a good little submissive whore. When master dave arrived home to fresh meat I watched as his cock got hard I immediately got down on my knees pulled out his huge thick cock and forced it in my little whore mouth just gagging and choking on it as I played with my pussy. The new toy was still out cold but my master does not wait for what is his. he chained her to the basement wall and started to ram her dripping wet cunt until she woke up cumming all over my master’s cock! I spent the whole night eating his cum out of her tight little fuck holes!

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