Masochistic Slave Fantasies


I always adored the vintage ideologies; being a domesticated house whore is something so appealing to me the very thought of living that life makes my masochistic cunt soaked. I want to fully serve a Master, my Master. I want to care for his carnal needs, and his house work. When he finishes his work for the day, I want to greet him with a hot meal, and a whore worthy blow job.
He’ll be cumming in my mouth before he even wants to come into the house, If his day has been particularly stressful, I’ll let him face fuck me until I choke and gag all over him. He can take out his frustrations on me. I love alligator clamps and the St. Andrews Cross alike; punish me, Master. Make me pay for the sins of all those fools around you.
I’ll sleep at the edge of the bed, like the bitch that I am. I’ll wake you up every morning by riding you cock, making you cum a steamy cream pie into my hot, tight little pussy. Do you want to know how I came up with this delicious fantasy? I was flipping through an old Sears magazine. Nothing is more vintage than department stores, and it just got my cunt dripping.

Bondage Phone Sex

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