Master Demands Office Masturbation


Sometimes, I really can’t help it. I have to close the blinds and lock my office door during the day so I can play in my soaking wet pussy. There’s not really a reason to be locking the door. The entire office knows what I do; they can hear my loud ass vibrator, and me screaming when I’m squirting all over my desk chair. I should be embarrassed, but I can’t be. Master ordered that I behave this way every day until each and every man in the office forces their cock into one of my tight little fuck holes.
I’m waiting for the day I’m brave enough to leave the door unlocked so that instead of my buzzy little friend sliding into my wet submissive pussy, it will be the cock of a hot fucking Dom. He’ll come in here, choke the fuck out of me and bare bottom spank my ass. Really beat me! Then he’ll force his cock right in my open fucking mouth, and completely use my mouth as a pocket pussy for his thick fucking cock.
After blowing a steaming hot cum load in my mouth and down my throat, I knew he wasn’t done with me. He’ll drag me up by my hair up so he can bend me the fuck over and slam that cock into my cunt. Well, his cunt. He owns it now. I’m his to use at the office. Master is going to be so thrilled.

Bondage Phone Sex

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