Master Makes Me Take It

bdsm phone sex

Master came up with a sexy new game, in which he ties me up and suspends me from the ceiling bent over, leaving my ass in the air at the perfect height for him to stand up and give me his cock right into my tight ass. At first, the pain is almost unbearable but then the intense pleasure overwhelms me and I beg for more. Master loves it when I beg, and I can’t get enough of pleasing him. When he is done raping my ass, he leaves me tied there and invites another man in to take a turn slamming my tight ass. I feel so full and pleasing my Master really gets me off. My pussy is dripping wet, and I cum over and over while suspended there, taking all that they will give me, begging for more and craving to touch my pussy but unable to because of the restraints. Though I was able to cum several times, at the end of the session I was craving more, and Master always leaves me feeling that way.

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