Master’s challenge

Bondage whore

Master had some very exciting requests for me today. He gagged me, and wrapped my body with rope, binding my tits, arms, and legs from the knees down. He shoved his biggest toy deep into my pussy, and ordered me not to drop it, or there would be dire consequences. I was ordered to now find a way to do my chores, staying tied exactly as he has me.

So I go about figuring this out. I was able to dust the lower bookshelves by shoving the duster’s handle in my ass. My god that felt good, but I can’t moan or I’ll get it. I use my face to scrub the floors. But the bed. Oh god I can’t figure out how to make the bed, He comes home while I’m standing there, trying to tug the sheet with my tied hands. “Oh pet, you’ve disappointed me. You know what that means.” I’m bent over his knee, and I brace myself.

Over and over, *WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!” goes his quirt over my ass and cunt lips, making them bright red and swollen. I want to come so badly! But not yet, I don’t have permission. He raises welts up my back in a perfect line up my spine, then flopped me back on the bed. My nipples and tummy are next, before he tells me, “start counting, my little whore. You know what to do.” I count his smacks on my clit.1…2…3…4…5… my god I can barely keep control…7..8…9… oh god, if I can just make it to 20 I can orgasm! 16..17…18… oh shit, oh shit! 19.. I’m shaking so hard my teeth chatter…20! A massive orgasm ravages my body, wave after wave, squirting my juices all over the end of the bed, firing the dildo that’s been filling my wet cunt all day half way across the room.

My gag is removed, “My little slut, use your mouth to clean this bed, and remake it as you should have before.”

Well, fuck.

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