Masters Fetish

Submissive slut

My new master wasn’t lying when he told me I could have anything I ever wanted as long as I did whatever he wanted me to do. Foot worship is his fetish. I found this out last night when he ordered me to lick the dirt clean from under his toenails. Once I got every nail clean he told me to clip them off with my front teeth like the good submissive whore I am. As I was biting the last of his toenails I looked up to see his thick white cock was rising past his belly button. As soon as I bit the last toenail he laid down on the bed and with his cock rising in the air he told me to ride him cowgirl style all while licking and sucking every inch of his feet. The harder he fucked me the harder I had to suck his toes, making me tell him how good his feet taste. I know this is just the beginning of the many fetishes he has. I will be a patient submissive slut for my master. He is definitely worth it.

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