master’s piggy!

submisive sex

I love being a naughty little piggy for my master to use and abuse! He took me to the barm today for my punishment of telling him no! He pushed me against the wooden cross towards the back and started to chain me up my little subby cunt was so fucking wet. Master’s cock was rock hard as he ran it down my fucking soaking wet pussy lips teasing me with his thick cock! It felt so good to be chained up and not having any control all I could do was beg for forgiveness but master had other plans. he connected the nipple clamps to a little battery giving my little piggy tittys a shock My little subby clit was abused after that by the vibrator as my ass gets stretched to the max with a 12-inch black dildo. He started taking videos and pics of me all fucking chained up having my tight little holes abused to add to his BDSM collection to show his buddies.

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