Moo For Me Bitch He Said

submissive whoreHe was feeling extra naughty tonight. I knew when I saw my brand-new collar with the cowbell. He likes me to be his pet and most recently I have been his little cow. So, I dressed accordingly. A black garter and bra and some hot red and black stockings with matching heels. There was a ball gag laying there too but I saved that for him. I dressed and knelt like the good little pet that I am. I waited for what seemed liked hours, but I think it was just excitement. The door opened and there he stood with a bright shiny metal leash. I didn’t dare lift my head to make eye contact. I remained kneeling with my head down. He had a paddle in the other hand and walked behind me, smacking it against my ass. He put his foot on my back and pushed me on all fours. Then I felt the collar tighten and the sound of the clasp. Another smack to my ass and he was leading me in circles. Smacking my ass to make me go faster. He then stopped, told me something wasn’t right and removed my bra. There you go he said. Now you look just like a cow with your udders hanging low. He reached beneath me and smacked my tits relentlessly until they were bright red and so sensitive. He stuck his hand on my panty covered cunt and laughed louder. You are soaking wet you fucking cow he said. Moo for me cunt he told me, and I did. Loud long bellowing moos. Then he fastened the ball gag around my head and pulled out his bag of torture toys. Want to hear what happened next?

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