Not So Surprise Home Invasion

My master let me out of my cage this morning and told me to take a shower while he was gone!

This was such a treat since most of the time, I am chained to the floor kneeling on concrete, my naked body shivering in the dark until he uses me for his pleasure!Submissive Whore

So I took full advantage of my limited new freedom and hopped in the shower!

I was enjoying the feeling of the warm water trickling down my soft skin when a man burst into the bathroom and yanked me out of the shower!

He through me down on the floor and zip tied my hands behind my back!

I knew my master would be furious if I allowed another man to use my cunt as his cum dumpster fuck hole with out my masters consent!

I tried to fight back but it was no use!

He completely dominated me as he forced his hard cock in my freshly cleaned cunt!

He held my tied wrist as a handle as he plowed his massive nine inch cock inside me over and over!

I cried and begged him to stop even though I could feel myself about to squirt buckets!

But he emptied his entire load, covering me inside and out with hot chunky cum!

My master had come back soon after the stranger had left and was furious!

He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my filthy cum covered body from the floor!

And as he spanked my bare ass, he scolded me saying that the next time he sends a man to be serviced, I had better not put up such a fight!



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