Mouth Slave In USE!

Submissive sex One of the best way to train a slave cunt and mold her into exactly what you want is by making her an oral whore first. Getting a bitch to worship your cock with her mouth first will train her to be thankful when you decide to use her other holes. In my experience the thing that made me so needy is being denied in my other two fuck holes. Being able to become so obsessed with a mans cock is the first thing to becoming a proper slave.

Worshiping cock and balls in your mouth will get you so used to the taste and smell; you will be throbbing to feel it in your pussy and ass. Whenever I have a dick in my mouth and I feel it getting so hard I can’t help but feel my other 2 holes tingle and become jealous. I suck cock better knowing my other holes are being denied and ignored. I know that the better and more gracious I am as an oral slave I will eventually get my other holes used.

Slave girls have to make a man cum from their mouth first before they are rewarded with cock in their other fuck holes. I can make a man cum in like 2 minutes with my throat. So my master is very fond of my mouth/ throat hole; he has appointed me as the whore who trains new oral slaves into the best cock suckers. I have done such a good job at training bitches to become the proper mouth sluts. Every bitch should aspire to be me!

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