Own Me

submissive slutI love being a nasty submissive whore. I love being shit and pissed on and being used as a toilet. I love having as many cocks as I can in my slutty fucking body while there are more waiting for their turn. I love being tied up and tortured until I can’t take anymore but they still don’t let me go. I love being whipped and spanked and called dirty names while getting my dirty little shit hole pounded in. I love to have my whore mouth assaulted by a huge thick cock just fucking my face so fucking hard until I can’t breathe. I love when they hold my face down on their cock so I can’t breathe until I go unconscious. They love to take my unconscious body and tie me up and fuck me in every hole I have so that I wake up sore every day. I love being treated like a breeding slave, locked up forced to have a cock shoved in every hole I have begging for more.

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    • Kenny on May 8, 2022 at 11:23 am
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    I would drug your drink and offer you to all of my friends.

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