Pain and Pleasure on the Wheel

Bondage whore

I am begging for my Master to tie me tighter as he attaches me to the wheel. He tells me that the thrill of not knowing when I will fall off would only enhance the entire experience. He takes out a pinwheel and starts rubbing it slowly on my breasts and my nipples. Both of my hands and feet are tied to the wheel, so I can’t stop myself from feeling the wonderful sensations. At that point, he attached a vibrator to the wheel right under my pussy, so that I would constantly feel the vibrations on my clit. I moaned, hard, because this made me so wet that I could barely take it. He is refusing to let me go until he is done playing with me, which means I could be here for hours. Then, he puts nipple clamps on me and pulled hard on them. I scream and beg for him to stop, so he turns the wheel so that I am upside-down. Until I learn to beg for pain, he said, I would be upside down with a vibe on my clit.

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