Position of power

bare bottom spankings

I caved and called my old boss to apologize for the scene I made when I quit last month, He was less than thrilled to hear from me and sounded annoyed as can be. I told him I would speak to corporate and let them know I wasn’t seeking any legal actions. He was over me and told me to go fuck myself. I pleaded I would do anything he wanted. I just needed to show him I was sincerely sorry for the way I acted and the trouble I caused.

My ex-boss told me to be at his office in an hour. I replied ” The office is closed,” He said to me If I was going to waste his time to forget it. I responded¬† I would be there in forty-five minutes. I go their quickly, and he was sitting in a chair looking intimidating as ever. He told me you were a little bitch last month. He slid a bag in front of me and told me to put this on slut. I was a bit timid, and he was growing angrier.

You heard me bitch get to it! Something just clicked I knew I was his pet. I automatically began to put the outfit on. He came to my face slapped me and made me lay on a center ottoman, He tied my hands and propped me like a slave slut and exposed my pussy. He was fucking me with dildos and all sorts of toys. He brought a large paddle and gave me seven bare bottom spankings. He like seeing me squirm in pain and pleasure. I was loving being used, and I felt this was my calling all along. The position of power he had over me just being dominant had me excited and in pleasure.

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