Strange Love is Great Lust

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Oh, you nasty little motherfucker I just want to strip you naked you deserve for me to show you how I can suck that cock Like A Champion cock sucking porn star. I love to play with Wilson’s big fat cock, Wilson is a nasty man he really gets kinky he loves to stick his tongue deep inside of my wet fat cunt. Let me suck you like a superstar I can fuck you really good you can fuck me too you can shove your big dick in my fucking ass right now. Bend me over spank my pretty little tight ass before you fuck me before you open me up and give me all your dick and your cock I wanted I really needed I just can’t wait oh my god let’s play right now. I want to be your cum guzzling whore your porn star you’re fucking sloppy wet nasty dick taking fuck puppet fuck slut. I know you think we have a strange love but it’s okay because I love us we’re very strange and its okay babe you’re going to suck me with the rage of a crazy man on cocaine. You know you are my bad habit let me have you I really want to do all those crazy things that we always do I need you I really do I cannot help but lust after what you do. Can you fuck me lick my forehead can you fuck me lick my toes suck me from feet to head put your head in my mouth I’ll suck it good I just can’t take trying to wait I need you right now I need you yes I want you to shove my fucking face I want you to come all over my face I need it good I need it sloppy I need it bad I need it yes I do I really do God can’t get enough.

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