Riding With Strangers

bare bottom spankings

Just another Thursday night, another job with another john. What could go wrong, right? Usually when I do a job, there are at least a few limits in place, mainly don’t kill me, don’t leave permanent damage, and leave me able to at least WALK AWAY from a job once we’re finished. The night starts off pretty per norm. Leather belts, wooden paddles, whips and chains, and bare bottom spankings. They seemed like a pretty solid group of guys, maybe one or two newbies. Wasn’t really my place to judge them, my place is on the floor, at their mercy.

First things first, me naked on the ground, crawling around with a ball gag in my mouth for their amusement. Pointy nipple clamps are attached to my sensitive nipples and hungry hands are roaming my flesh, pushing me this way and that. Spankings are administered, first with hands, then toys. The newbies are too rough, breaking my skin open too soon into the evening. That ruins the fun for everyone, the whole point is to draw the pain out throughout the entire night, I’m not supposed to be this bloody until morning.

The newbies are also too quick to bruise me, to break bones, which is sort of a rarity. They stomp my hands and ankles, hobbling my crawling to a snail’s pace. There is nothing sexy to me about any of tis and the other guys are put off as well. I’m bleeding heavily and barely able to limp out the door and onto the sidewalk when someone pulls up to me. “Help” is all I can say.

He puts me into his back seat, then drives for about five or so minutes. He pulls over and crawls in back with me, cock already out and leaking. I’m not wearing any panties, so it’s easy enough for him to spread my legs and thrust deep inside my pussy. It actually starts to feel really fucking good as he rocks that rod inside me and I’m enjoying myself as I feel him bust his nut in me. He drives me to the hospital and sets me on the sidewalk in front of the ER covered in blood and jizz. I’ll tell them I got mugged, or something.

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