Prostate Milking Master & His Friends!

Prostate Milking

Lately, master has been into long prostate milking sessions where I finger fuck his asshole and suck his hard throbbing cock until he explodes down my throat. Master didn’t tell me that he was going to bring over some friends for me to milk so I was immediately overwhelmed when I saw them. Prostate milking is an art that master taught me after many cum slave training sessions of practice; he wouldn’t let me do anything but rim him and milk him for days until I got the technique just right. Now, like any good submissive whore, I can locate a man’s prostate in seconds! Once I stark jacking them while I use my mouth like a slippery wet pussy, it’s only a matter of time before their toes start to curl in absolute pleasure! Master pat me on the head as I slurped his friends load down my throat and I readied my tongue to go on another exploration. I just knew master wouldn’t be happy until I milked every last prostate!

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