No Taboos With Mommy

Milf Phone Sex

I know you’ve missed me…but I’ve been in the hospital. I was pregnant and I popped out a nice fresh little one! She is sooo tiny! She is a crier too, so she makes it all the easier to demolish her holes. She is one of many that I will let others use until she is no longer able to be used anymore. Her holes ruined her body worthless. She was perfect for that cock while she lasted! My motto is I can always have more; I am constantly being bred and used as a pregnant submissive whore. It’s my lifestyle – the only thing I  know how to do. I don’t mind them hurting – I love it. I am the same kind of woman as you are a man; I get off on her crying and tight holes. I get off knowing she is nothing but a rag doll for your pleasure. I will give her to you and your friends to use time and time again. I’ve already got 3 I am keeping around; this one can go once you’re done.

hardcore bondage

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