Quite the Little Party

Erotic Submissive StoriesI was invited to another party last night. The group I was sorted into had 2 guys and myself, and we were given the office to play in. After we introduced ourselves and discussed our particular likes and dislikes, I found myself being tied to the office chair. They bound me up so well, I could hardly move. Then, they started smacking me around about the face and head, telling me what a little slut I was, and how I wasn’t good enough for their cum. I begged them to give me a chance to prove my worth, and that earned me a few more slaps for speaking out of turn. They took their cocks out and started smacking me in the face with those monstrosities. I suppose the look on my face was enough to tell them what they wanted to know, because they started laughing and telling me to beg pretty for those huge schlongs. Beg, I did; and they took turns stuffing those gigantic dicks down my throat, choking me, cutting off my air supply, and using my face as a fuck-toy.

By the time that segment of our fun was done, I was streaming tears from the lack of oxygen and gagging. They weren’t, however, through with me. They cut my blouse off, and then started fucking my tits. One came on my tits while the other came in my mouth. Then, they fed the cum that didn’t make it in my mouth to me. It was really a great timE!

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