Sex Slave Training Begins

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I woke up in the trunk of a car, confused and dazed. How had I gotten here? I only remembered falling asleep…being sooo very tired. I was groggy as I realized there was a rag tied around my head and stuffed into my mouth; my arms and legs were bound tightly.  I tried to scream but I knew no one could hear me. It wasn’t long and the car stopped and I heard him coming for me. I stayed quiet, scared and wondering what he was going to do to me. He opened the trunk quickly and before I could see him he punched me in the face covering my head with a garbage bag and dragging me out of the car in one swift movement. I could barely resist him, he was so fucking strong and it was clear he had done this before. He shoved me into a small cage; it was thick metal and I had to sit curled up to fit. He ripped the bag off my face and I made eye contact with another girl in a cage across from me. She gave me a look of disgust and fear all in one… “Robyn I brought us a new pet, now come out and play” he ordered her as he opened up her cage. She crawled out and I saw her look up at him with such lust and respect it made my pussy start to get wet. I was scared and turned on all at the same time, she opened my cage and I got out quick as I could being I was still tightly bound. He must have been impatient because he dragged me over to a chair and ordered me to sit there, I looked around, there were all types of torture devices everywhere… what was he going to do to me?! He ordered Robyn to attach nipple clamps to my nipples, and stuff a plug into my ass. I tried to remain submissive scared of what he would do if I resisted him…

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