Sexy phone chat not Always Rough

Sexy phone chatEveryone always assumes that being in a D/s relationship that it’s always about you. That I never get to have my way, that I don’t to be a person. That being a slave means I don’t get to be an individual. While I think that’s true for some girls but for me. I love being the tool that you use for your own pleasure and mental well being. I would much rather be at your feet and be there for you than alone or in an emotionally abusive relationship. I know exactly what I am to you, why I am, and what my place is and that brings me comfort. Even if it’s a soft night like tonight. You just need the warmth of a human body, the love and loyalty that only a slave can give. It’s why rather than being tied and commanded, I ride your cock. Let you watch my breast bounce and jiggle with the movement. Slow, careful, unhurried rocks of my hips. Giving you just what you need and letting you relax and let go. I love you Master. I love it when you’re cruel to me and I love it when you’re just you. It’s why my favorite feeling in the world is your cock twitching in my cunt, pumping me full of your cum, and you stopping me when I try to move. Wanting to keep us locked together for just a little longer.

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