Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

My next door neighbor came to check on me today. I opened the door and invited him in. He immediately came in and locked the door behind me. He asks how I have been I reply “good sir thank you for asking.” Stupid me forgot to ask him how he was and before I knew it he grabbed me by my hair and shoved my into the bathroom. He shoved my face in the toilet and told me to drink the toilet bowl water. I cringed taking it all into my mouth. He unzipped his pants and began to piss puddles of warm pee on the back of my head. It ran into my mouth and eyes as I was trying to lick up the toilet water that was now mixed with piss. He threw my head back and began to tie me up like a little fuck pig. Arms above my head and ankles connect to my arms behind me as well. He slaps me across the face because I accidentally begin to pout. He shoves his cock in between my fuck hole of a cunt and begins to fuck my tied up body as best as he can. He takes his cock out and shoves it into my mouth and begins to pump it in and out until I begin to throw up all my lunch. He makes me eat it up being a stupid fuck pig that I am. I know I am a no good piggy bitch and I am grateful that he showed up to offer me his delicious cum right out of his cock hole. I will do anything for some cum.

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