Hanging with my Master

submissive whore breanneMaster called upon me. Demanding I present myself in the nude. So instead of getting dressed I stripped myself of every article of clothing I had on. I had to keep myself some what discrete so I put on a baseball cap to hide my face some what and I walked to my car.

As I begin what is normally an hour long drive to Master’s den I can feel a pool of my wetness beginning to puddle up on my leather drivers seat. I make the haul taking nothing but the main roads instead of the freeway. I must follow his command as I know he has a GPS on my car. It seems as though I get stopped by every light there is. One guy taking full attention and advantage of the view he flashes me his hard cock.

Alas I am at my ready and willing Master’s den. I slowly make my way to his front door as he takes his sweet time opening up for me. Once he does he yanks me by the arm over the threshold slamming the door behind me.

I take notice to the noose like rope dangling from the ceiling. He commands me to lie beneath it as I do. At that moment he begins to wrap my ankles with the rope.
He then hoists me up and leaves me suspended in the air by my ankles. My baseball cap falls to the floor. He shoves a gag rag into my mouth making sure it’s securely in place he grabbed my ass and spun me. I’m now upside down, gagged, and spinning like a freak show ballerina. I love pleasing my master to his content.

I heard the sound of a sharp snap. It was a sound I was all too familiar with. It was~ Whipamina ~. The rule is when I hear the cracks of Whipamina’s voice I must beg for her to kiss my body. “Oh please Whipamina kiss every inch of my tingling body” I muffled through the rag. I knew it was only a matter of time until I felt the sting of his kiss on my slutty little ass. ~Snap~ ~Crack~ another then another. Oh my Master treats me like the bitch princess that I am. I am in such a dizzy spell with blood rushing to my head as I spin around taking all the licks from her.

Apparently I am welted enough to his desire because he call out to me. You filthy little bitch do you need my ointment? Yes, Sir I whimpered through the rag. He fills his hand with as mush precum his hard cock will produce and spreads it over my blistering welts. Instant relief became of my lash marks.

Suddenly I take notice to another piece of rope he grabbed. He beings tying my hands together at the wrists and begins to pull my arms upwards towards my feet. I am now suspended in a hog tie fashion. My head at the perfect height for his fat hard cock. He rips out the gag rag and begins to fuck my throat like never before. Shooting a hot load forcefully down my throat filling my stomach with his massive burning hot load. I can feel it tingle as it slides down the back of my throat. As quick as he came he left the room. Me left helplessly hanging there by myself. Maybe you’d like to hang out with me sometime……..

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