She wanted my master!

submissive whoreMy neighbor thought she wanted to be a submissive whore like me. She was begging for master to give her submissive training! She accosted my master and demanded him to use her because her own man couldn’t give her what she wanted. Now I’m a possessive whore but if master wants to fuck another slave i get a little jealous but ultimately I bow to his desires and his cock! This would be sub slave said her pain tolerance was high and even she could take more than his own slave.
I was sent to the store in nothing but skimpy Latex straps across my tits and ass, with nipple clamps visible underneath. I sent master many pics of me in the check out line, of me bending over to reach low shelf items, right in front of other customers.
I was richly reward by this neighbor slut tied to our bed and master gave her to me to test her pain tolerance!
I used thick rubber bands on her tits and hot wax to play tic tac toe. Master used alligator clamps to hold back her pussy lips as I whipped her with a leather flogger. Thai slut was creaming and screaming! I had to silence her with my milf cunt and grind until I came on her face while pinching and pulling at her nipples and pussy as Master fucked the holy hell out of her! “My master Bitch! You want to play cum prepared for massive pain!”

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    be my slave

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