Slave Cunt Watched Me Get DP’d For Practice!

Slave training Spreading my legs for the best DP session of my life was so much fucking fun. What made it even hotter is having another slave cunt during the play time session with 2 of the best customers our owner has. Feeling those nice cocks slip in and out of both my holes while this cute little slave whore sucks my big tits was such a turn on. I always feel so lucky when I get to have the best customers use me for hours. It has been a while since I have had fun with another slut too; so it was a lot of fun to get some pussy action. Customers love watching two cunts fuck each other for their entertainment; which is a plus because I love eating pussy and getting mine eaten from a sweet girl.

This slave cunt above me is newly added to our little group; my owner has had her for a couple months now. She was super nervous when she first got here because she has not really had a lot of prior sexual experiences. I felt kind of bad for her when she arrived and did not know how she would last without a lot more training time. It took her a couple weeks to be fully anally trained; she was having a difficult time getting gaped. My owner was really disappointed in her and demanded she trained for longer hours and stretched her own ass open so she can get fucked properly. He told me it was my job to put her in line; so she was told to join in with me on this session to learn. 

So when we arrived I told her I would show her how a proper whore takes cock up both her holes. She seemed really nervous but knew she had no choice if she wanted to be a top choice and not be punished for being a useless set of holes. I mean she was super aware that our owner would not tolerate a cunt who can’t take a cock in all holes at once. Our customers pay good money for properly trained slaves so she would need to learn how to please. Otherwise our owner would be angry and take it all out on her body. I told her by the end of this session she will know how to be a good cunt and our owner would be so thrilled with her.

I was so proud of her sucking on these big tits of mine and watching that cock split me open. I was finger banging her ass hole open and she was taking it well. I knew after they fucked me for a while that she would be ready to take a pounding. I could not wait to put that whore on her back; sit on her face so she could eat my cunt and watch those cocks impale her. She was a hot little thing and had some really nice holes that would milk a cock perfectly. She is absolutely going to be one of our owners favorites if she keeps up the good work!



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