Slave training

Slave training


I hope you are dominant and that you are going to start some slave training with me today. I am a submissive whore, and I am yours to do with what you want. You don’t have to break me because I’ve already been broken. I am here and at my most vulnerable moment. I will bow down before you, on my knees, with my head down and I’ll be yours for the taking.

                Take me by the wrists, over to the table on the wall. Spread my legs wide and attach them by the straps and lift my arms high above my head and strap them tightly. Blindfold me so I don’t see what’s coming next. I’m tied up naked and helpless before you. I can’t wait to feel my punishments.

                I feel you whip the back of my legs with a flogger and then I feel it on my ass. I can feel my pussy begin to tingle. Next, I feel a crop whip me on the back and slide down my ass again.

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